Who I Am

My name is Vin DiPippo and I am a principal and the prinicpal technologist at FOCUS24, a Microsoft partner in Rhode Island.  We specialize in specific technologies in which we go deep.  Really deep.  We serve the majority of New England.  You can read more about us here.

Sealed versus Unsealed MPs

Whenever I post a sealed MP, I will be usually doing so for a reason other than secrecy.  Opening sealed MPs and investigating their net effect in the database is a fairly common task.  The two major reasons for sealing an MP are (a) security, where you know that if you reference one of the MPs you get here with the appropriate public key (b77a5c561934e089), you’ll know it’s from me; (b) re-use, because unless you plan to store new elements in the same management pack to which the new elements need references, you need a sealed MP.  Since any MP is subject to updates, sealed MPs are really the way to go.  Otherwise, if you want to import the new version of something here, it were unsealed, and you had added to it, your additions would have to be lost or integrated into the new version.  Yikes!  Sealed is the way to go…


I will be using a standard versioning system moving forward: 24.<major>.<minor>.<build>.  Therefore, build 102 of version 1.0 of something will be  That should make things fairly recognizable.



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