Welcome to SCOMNIVORE…

Welcome to SCOMNIVORE, a blog about Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager 2007.  My name is Vin DiPippo.  Through this blog, I will be sharing the body of work we have done with OpsMgr at my company, FOCUS24.

FOCUS24 is a professional services organization and a Microsoft partner.  We specialize in solutions that utilize Microsoft technologies.  Key specializations within Microsoft’s product line are System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and Operations Manager 2007.

My sincere hope is that you find the information and resources on the blog useful.  Please comment vigorously regarding the contents of this blog, both present and future.




2 Responses to Welcome to SCOMNIVORE…

  1. Mike Sawlit says:

    What do I need to run SCOM?

  2. Jesse Roberts says:

    Hi Mike
    Let me first start off by saying FOCUS24 is the way to go when it comes to implementing/customizing System Center Operations Manager 2007. They have been working with my company “American Power Conversion” for almost a year now and I have found that their expertise and knowledge of System Center and other Microsoft products is unmatched.
    Now to answer your question it really depends on how far you want to take system center. There are multiple deployment scenarios for this product. I would start off looking at the Operations Manager 2007 Deployment Guide which can be found here.
    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=D826B836-59E5-4628-939E-2B852ED79859&displaylang=en. Also Microsoft provides a pretty handy tool called the OpsMgr 2007 Capacity Planner which can be found here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=6fec1f12-a62c-4e8d-8a19-56879192adc3&displaylang=en. To implement our deployment of SCOM we used a total of seven servers. Clustered Root Management Servers, Clustered Database Servers, A secondary Management Server and two gateway servers. By the way I would like to mention that the initial deployment guide had a lot of errors in regards to setting up the Root Management Server in a cluster, luckily the technical resources that FOCUS24 provided easily figured out workarounds to get us up and running. I know that I didn’t answer your question completely, but I think I provided a pretty good starting point for you.

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